All Services $50/hr

Personal Stylist

Do you know which styles and colors are best for your body shape and coloring?


Have you recently lost weight, had a promotion, gotten a divorce or

do you simply want to update your image? 


Do you have an event in your future, and feel stressed out about what to wear?


Everyone deserves their own personal stylist.  Our clients come from all walks of life, from busy professionals to young job seekers to stay-at-home moms.  Our recommendations will help you look your best!

You are What You Wear

A personal stylist can help you feel confident and self-expressed.  A stylist can advise you on new fashion trends, clothing styles, colors, hair and make-up so that the outer you fully reflects the inner you. 


In Home Consultation


We will meet and get to know you and Your Style and plan Your Transformation!

Closet Audit


We will meet at your home, go through your closet and identify the items that will work with the fashion goals we have set.  We will look for holes in your wardrobe and decide what additional items you will need to get the look you desire!

Shop Together


We will shop together to find the right outfit for a special occasion or to put a wardrobe together for an entire season.


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