Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that heals by balancing the chakras of the body by the direct placing or indirect placing of hands of a Reiki practitioner.


The word “Rei” means “God’s Wisdom or Higher Power.”  The word “Ki” means “life force energy.”  Reiki is therefore known as “Spiritually Guided" or Universal Life Force Energy.


Aroma-Reiki combines the healing energy of Reiki with the power of essential oils

The emphasis in Reiki today is on unblocking the energy fields in the seven main chakras in your body. 


Clearing and balancing the energetic body can increase the vibration of the body, allowing a person’s energy to flow more freely. 

Reiki Session 1 hour: $100

If you would like to read more about Reiki, you can find many interesting articles on the International Association of Reiki Professionals website.

The use of Reiki has been proven effective, alongside traditional medicine, to ease stress and promote relaxation.   By reducing stress, Reiki can help you feel more balanced and symptoms of stress related illnesses can be alleviated.  Reiki can also be used during meditation to give you mental clarity and enhance your creativity.

During a Reiki session, there is stillness and deep relaxation that calms the mind making it an excellent resource for various mental states.  Once a client can find stillness in their busy lives, and their body and mind can feel and see more clearly, he or she will achieve the optimal state to get in touch with their own spirit and the messages they hear will be loud and clear.

The practitioner will usually scan a person’s body by placing their hands, directly on the body or hovering over the whole body and/or just the affected part. By scanning the body, the practitioner can feel increased or decreased heat or sensitivity (tingling sensations) in their palms, and are able to locate what areas or chakras in the body may require more healing.


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