Salt Scrubs

Sterling Rose Studio Salt Scrubs are made with organic Dead Sea Salts which acts as a fantastic exfoliator.  When combined with the highest quality coconut oil, it is an excellent moisturizer that can easily penetrate those tough skin areas!

Crème De Menthe Foot Scrub

Crème De Menthe Foot Scrub

Made with organic Dead Sea Salt, pure peppermint essential oil, coconut oil and Meadowform Seed Oil.

Crème De Menthe Duo

Crème De Menthe Duo

Crème De Menthe Foot Scrub paired with Crème De Menthe Foot Butter made with all natural ingredients and no artificial coloring.

Crème De Menthe Foot Scrub

Crème De Menthe Foot Scrub

Made with Dead Sea Salts, it can be used to exfoliate the dry skin on your heels and the soles of your feet.

These scrubs are a natural way to soften, exfoliate and invigorate the skin. The grainy texture of the salt scrubs works well on those extra tough spots, like the feet and elbows but is also gentle enough for use on the rest of the body.  The salt crystals exfoliate and you will be left with the silky smooth feel of the moisturizing coconut oil on the skin. 

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Our signature Salt Scrub is the peppermint scented Crème de Menthe Foot Scrub.  

Use it for a cooling and refreshing foot spa treatment! 

Crème de Menthe, Rose, Lemon, Lavender

Recommended use is primarily for feet and elbows but can be used on hands to remove stubborn stains and rough dry skin, as necessary. Use sparingly and be careful using on feet to avoid slipping. We recommend using as a foot spa treatment and not in the shower. Pat feet dry with paper towel to remove excess moisture before walking.


Caution: The salt will sting if used on cuts or abrasions.


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